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Sex: Female
Age: Born approx Spring 2022

Size: small, lionhead

Neuter: 6/3/23

Vacs: 6/3/23

Reason for arrival: A family found her as a stray, they were unable to locate an owner so she might've been dumped. They reached out to us to take her as they weren't in a position to keep her long term

Temperament with people: Growing in confidence. On arrival she was so scared she would scream when handled so we had our vets do her hair trimming whilst she was under anaesthetic having her spay. Since then she's been better, she approaches eagerly and will eat from hands. Also allows stroking without backing away. Time will tell as to whether she tolerates normal handling for her next hair trim or whether she'll need to be handled with a towel to keep her from jumping

Grooming: Will require occasional hair trims. Most rabbits don't enjoy being brushed, trimming their hair short enables them to move around more freely, see more easily and not have to go through the stress of grooming as often

Diet: A mix of Hay Box timothy and local meadow hay (not bagged pet shop hay), various wild plants such as plantain, wood avens, young brambles, dandelions, yarrow, apple leaves, strawberry leaves, geraniums, hazel leaves, willow etc. Also enjoys dried mixes of flowers/wild plants/herbs and fresh grass. She occasionally gets some cold pressed grain-free pellets during the winter months but now we're into spring she's pellet-free


Type of home needed: She currently lives outdoors but could live indoors. We highly recommend that indoor homes set up a UVB light for rabbits for vitamin D. She's currently single so needs a rabbit partner


If you're interested in adopting her head to the Care & Adoption page to read through the rabbit section, the online application is within the Adoption page 

This was her long hair on arrival

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