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Chinchilla products we use and recommend

Main food brands:

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The main brand of pellets we use for chinchillas is Supreme Selective, we occasionally use the Burgess ones if we have those donated too


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We buy our chinchillas Timothy Hay from https://www.timothyhay.co.uk/

We also love the Ings hay from https://www.hay-and-straw.co.uk/

There are also quite a few nice pet shop hays that are mixed with herbs and flowers


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We mostly use Finacard bedding for our chinchillas, we find that its less likely to fall through the cage bars of Aventuras and make a mess on the floor.

Hugro Hemp mats are great for covering wire floors that some cages have, they're sold on Zooplus.


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We highly recommend Tic Tac wheels for chins, they're far better than any other wheel we've used. They need 16 inch.

Other bits:

Websites/stockists we recommend:

The Hay Experts - for great forage

Hay-and-Straw - For Ings hay

Timothy Hay

Zooplus - Usually cheapest for toys, also has the JR farms food and Degu Nature mix

Vet UK - Usually cheapest for treats/forage

VioVet -  Usually more expensive than VetUK but stocks items they don't have (eg more of the Rosewood range)

Tic Tac Wheels - In our opinion these are the best wheels for degus

Pocket Treats - This is where we buy the herb Complete Crock treats, the chins' favourites

Galen's Garden - Lots of natural treats and forage

Chinchilla Lady - Chews toys and treats

We aren't affiliated with any of the above brands or websites, we just recommend them based on our own experience

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