Enrichment for small animals

This page features various small furries we have cared for, and shows examples of how we like to keep them entertained and happy


Rabbits need space!

Rabbits love to run, so give them as much room as you can. It's great to see them binky!

Human interaction

The best way to show your rabbit some to love is to get down on their level, rather than picking them up which can be frightening for them.


Hanging vegetables

Rabbits and guinea pigs love their veggies. If you hang them up around their house they have to reach for them which encourages natural behaviour. 

Much more interesting that giving them their veg in a bowl!


Hand feeding also strengthens their bond to you

Treat bags

These are brown paper bags filled with hay, a sprinkle of readigrass, and various dried herbs/forage such as Burgess Excel Mountain Meadow herbs and Country Garden herbs



Rabbits must live in neutered pairs/groups!


Rats are very intelligent and love human interaction. They're also very social and must be kept in pairs/groups


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Rat hammocks don't have to be fancy, this one is a hat!


Hammocks for rats

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Pea fishing

Pea fishing is a great activity for rats, they go crazy for it!


In this video i've used a litter tray so the water can be deeper. Some rats are braver than others!


Treat bags

These gerbils are enjoying ripping up brown paper bags that i'd filled with various natural treats and shredded paper. Rosewood Boredom Breakers do great treats such as:

Coneflower (echinacea) - good immune system booster

Ginkgo plus 

Dandelion & Nettle roots

Herbal Garden

Healthy Fruit Salad (should be a rare treat)

Sunflower & Chamomile sticks

Cornflower & Daisy sticks

Snap'n'share Vegetable Bar

Wellness gnaw stone (great for wearing teeth down)

Fenugreek Crunchies


Interesting set-ups

Mice love having lots of things to climb on, their set-up should be as big as possible 

Mice are also social so should be housed in pairs/groups

Dried forage

These degus are enjoying some tasty dried plants, this is a great way to occupy them

More lovely dried flowers and twigs, degus are also social and should be kept in pairs/groups

Degus love having lots of houses & ledges to play on

Interesting set-ups

They also love hammocks!

Tunnels & dens for guineas

Guinea pigs are naturally nervous animals. They need to be given lots of hiding opportunities for them to feel safe. They really love tunnels!

They must live in pairs/groups as they are social. This also helps them feel secure.

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