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Flora & babies


Sex: All female
Age: Flora guessed approx 1yr, babies born 12/2/24

Size: Small lop crossbreeds

Neuters: Flora & MistleThrush (10/5/24), Redwing, SongThrush, TreeSparrow (3/5/24)

Vacs: 12/4/24

Reason for arrival: Previous owner kept them in a hutch with chinchillas (Kishuara & Kenua who they surrendered previously) but unfortunately rehomed them to someone rather than giving them to rescue along with the chinchillas. Months later they got back in contact saying the person they gave them to gave them back because they'd had babies since they hadn't neutered them. So Flora gave birth 2 days after arriving to us

Temperament with people: All friendly and easy to handle for post-op checks etc

Diet: A mix of Hay Box timothy and local meadow hay (not bagged pet shop hay), various wild plants such as plantain, wood avens, young brambles, dandelions, yarrow, apple leaves, strawberry leaves, geraniums, hazel leaves, willow etc. Also enjoy dried mixes of flowers/wild plants/herbs and fresh grass. They occasionally get some cold pressed grain-free pellets


Type of home needed: They currently live outdoors but could live indoors. We highly recommend that indoor homes set up a UVB light for rabbits for vitamin D. They can be adopted in pairs/groups.


If you're interested in adopting them head to the Care & Adoption page to read through the rabbit section, the online application is within the Adoption page 

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