Gerbil products we use and recommend

Main food brands:

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The main food we use for our gerbils is Gerri Gerbil, we like to mix it with the Nature's Touch one and/or JR Farms


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Paper based beddings are best for gerbils, Megazorb is great for holding up their tunnels but it smells a bit strange. Fitch mixed with hay is our next favourite to use, then Aubiose or Raviera.


Gerbils love tunnels and underground dens. They shouldn't be given plastic as they'll chew it and there's a risk of them ingesting it. They love things that they can shred and make into nests too, like the seagrass products. Cardboard tubes are a hit too. Also, you can often find big loofah pieces in the beauty sections of places like Wilkos, we cut those into smaller pieces and they're a much cheaper version of what pet shops sell

Websites/stockists we recommend:

Zooplus - Usually cheapest for toys, also has the JR farms food

Vet UK - Usually cheapest for treats/forage

VioVet -  Usually more expensive than VetUK but stocks items they don't have (eg more of the Rosewood range)

RatRations - Great food mixes, natural treats (berries, nuts etc), stocks Finacard too

Finacard - Great cardboard bedding, we tend to buy it in bales for best value

We aren't affiliated with any of the above brands or websites, we just recommend them based on our own experience

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