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Hamster products we use and recommend

Main food brands:

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The main food we use for our hamsters is Harry Hamster, we like using the Burgess Dwarf Hamster Harvest food for our dwarfs. We really love RatRations' hamster mixes, they do a Syrian one and a few different types of Dwarf ones.

Erin's Ark do great mega blend mixes for both Syrian & Dwarf hamsters too.


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Syrian hamster toys:

All types of hamsters love burrowing so like to have quite deep bedding. We use paper based bedding or aspen bedding and cheap non-scented loo roll as nesting material.

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Dwarf hamster toys:

Syrian hamsters need at least a 28cm wheel, like the Trixie one. They're good climbers so benefit from the height of the cage being filled with hammocks and bridges etc.

Dwarf hamsters need a 20cm wheel (though smaller dwarfs like robos can have a slightly smaller one such as the medium sized silent spinner) They aren't as good at climbing as Syrians so they do best with lots of ground-level tunnels and dens.


Websites/stockists we recommend:

Zooplus - Usually cheapest for toys, also has the JR farms food

Vet UK - Usually cheapest for treats/forage

VioVet -  Usually more expensive than VetUK but stocks items they don't have (eg more of the Rosewood range)

RatRations - Great food mixes, natural treats (berries, nuts etc), stocks Finacard too

Finacard - Great cardboard bedding, we tend to buy it in bales for best value

Erin's Ark - food mixes for both Syrian and dwarf hamsters

We aren't affiliated with any of the above brands or websites, we just recommend them based on our own experience

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