Hamster products we use and recommend

Main food brands:



All types of hamsters love burrowing so like to have quite deep bedding. We use paper based bedding or aspen bedding and cheap non-scented loo roll as nesting material.

Websites/stockists we recommend:

Zooplus - Usually cheapest for toys, also has the JR farms food

Vet UK - Usually cheapest for treats/forage

VioVet -  Usually more expensive than VetUK but stocks items they don't have (eg more of the Rosewood range)

RatRations - Great food mixes, natural treats (berries, nuts etc), stocks Finacard too

Finacard - Great cardboard bedding, we tend to buy it in bales for best value

Erin's Ark - food mixes for both Syrian and dwarf hamsters

We aren't affiliated with any of the above brands or websites, we just recommend them based on our own experience

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