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Ivy & Dock

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The conditions they were rescued from!


Awful body condition on arrival and a bad case of ear mites


Sex: Ivy - female, Dock - male
Age: Born approx Spring 2021

Size: Both large, likely continental giant crosses

Neuters: Ivy - 17/11/22, Dock 11/11/22

Vacs: Both 31/10/23

Reason for arrival: Another local rescue had been alerted to an advert online listing them as a 'breeding pair' with the photos of the conditions they were living in. They managed to get them handed over and brought them to us. They were both emaciated and had ear mites. They had fecal tests done to check whether their body condition was due to something like coccidia but they were clear so it was from neglect. Both gained weight very quickly once with us

Temperament with people: Both easily come forward for food but neither want to be stroked. They're both cooperative when it comes to handling for vet trips/nail trimming etc

Diet: A mix of Hay Box timothy and local meadow hay (not bagged pet shop hay), various wild plants such as plantain, wood avens, young brambles, dandelions, yarrow, apple leaves, strawberry leaves, geraniums, hazel leaves, willow etc. Also enjoy dried mixes of flowers/wild plants/herbs and fresh grass. They occasionally had some cold pressed grain-free pellets during the winter months but none now we're into Spring


Type of home needed: They currently live outdoors but could also live indoors. We highly recommend that indoor homes set up a UVB light for rabbits for vitamin D


If you're interested in adopting them head to the Care & Adoption page to read through the rabbit section, the online application is within the Adoption page 

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