About us

We are a registered charity home-based small animal rescue in Nottingham. 

We are non-profit and operate on vegan ethics.

We take in small animals and find them loving homes, including guinea pigs, mice, degus, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils & rabbits. We always spay/neuter & vaccinate rabbits (Myxi/RHD1 & RHD2)

We are against the pet trade in general, bringing animals into existence for human entertainment can never be justified. The vast majority of cages/items sold by pet shops too are not suitable at all. Pet shops operate for profit and exploit animals, rescues clean up their mess. Please don't support the pet trade, the higher the demand -> the more they'll breed.

Adoption Process

If you are interested in offering one of our animals a home, email us at burrowedheartsrescue@outlook.com or message us via Facebook to check that the animal(s) are still available and then fill out our adoption application.

If you haven't already got a set-up for the animal you are wanting to adopt, we are happy to give advice as to what is suitable. We also have our 'care & adoption' section of the website that shows suitable housing options for each species


We don't home animals to be used to teach children responsibility. We are happy to home to families as long as the adults are wanting to care for the animals too, often children get bored which is one of the reasons why so many animals end up in rescues

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