Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are social and should live in groups. They need a lot of floor space and plenty of houses and tunnels so that they feel safe. Visit our Pinterest board to see some great ideas for guinea pig environments

Ethel & Maisy - spayed females

ethel maisy.jpg

These girls are ready for a home, they were spayed first week of August. Their age is unknown but they're guessed at 1-2yrs. They're ideally looking for a home where they can join more pigs as they thrive in herds 3+

Enclosure must be at least 3.5 sq metres

Available soon:


Eliza, born 16/7/21
Currently healing from spay

Suzie, born 16/7/21
Spay booked in Oct

Fleur, born 16/7/21
Spay booked in Oct

Agnes, mum of Suzie, Eliza, Fleur. She's been spayed and is nearly ready for adoption

Betsy & daughter Bitsy (born 21/8/21)
Betsy is healing from her spay, Bitsy's spay will probably be in Nov

These girls all currently live in a herd along with Ethel & Maisy

Enid, she's been spayed and also had some mammary lumps removed. She'll be ready for adoption soon

Valerie is mum of Sydney, Sweep & Smidge. She's getting spayed in Oct

Sweep will be spayed in Nov/Dec

Sydney will be spayed in Nov/Dec

Available soon:

Quinny (spayed) is mum of Cinnamon born 29/7/21.

Cinnamon is booked for his neuter in Oct

Available soon:

Edna (spayed) is aunt of Smidge, Smidge will be neutered in Nov/Dec