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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are social and should live in groups. They need a lot of floor space and plenty of houses and tunnels so that they feel safe. Visit our Pinterest board to see some great ideas for guinea pig environments

Butterfly, Honeybee & Worm


Worm is a neutered male, Honeybee & Butterfly are spayed females

They were born February 2022 and were adopted that Summer but due to a change in circumstance they're now back with us looking for a new home together

They can either be adopted as just a trio or they can be added to more females (not to any more males though because guinea dynamics are best with just 1 male and multiple females)

Our minimum sized enclosure for adoption is 20sq ft (equivalent of 4x4 c&c grids)

They're currently living indoors so require an indoor home, but they can move outdoors in the Spring to a shed+run style set up



Neutered male, born early 2023.

Currently single and looking for a home with females. Currently living indoors

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