Rabbits are social and must always live in neutered pairs/groups. 

Visit the Rabbit Welfare Association for ideas on housing and care:    www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/ahutchisnotenough

Also view our 'care & adoption' section


This pair are now reserved!


Mallow was abandoned by her previous family, they let her loose and were waiting for her to leave the garden but luckily Love Paws Rescue went and rescued her before she got killed by a fox or hit by a car. She had her spay & first vaccination on 20/5/22, she'll have her 2nd vacc soon and will be ready to meet a husbun 6 weeks after her spay date


Campion is half wild so he's more shy than an average rabbit. He needs a home where his carers don't mind that he's not very human oriented

He's now been reserved!

sprocket hornbeam.png

Hornbeam (male) & Sprocket (female) are the last 2 of Bryony's family looking for a home together. They were both neutered 20/5/22

They're very friendly, confident rabbits. Email us if you're interested in adopting them

Mr Wilson - reserved

Mr Wilson.jpg

Mr Wilson is a young bun who was an unclaimed stray/dumped. He's vacc'd, neutered and reserved already for someone's single female bun

Pearl - reserved


Pearl was an unclaimed stray. She had her spay 13/5/22 and first vac, she'll have her 2nd vac soon. She's already reserved to bond to somone's male bun


Frankie arrived on 23/1/22, he arrived massively overweight and with a very poopy bum. He's gone from 2.64kg to 2.1kg, he does have waxy ears (as most lops do) so is on an ear cleaner solution

He's ready for adoption now



Dill came to us as his previous owner was struggling with their own health

He will be available for adoption 6 weeks after his neuter which he had 22/4, he can be reserved beforehand though so get in touch if you've got a spayed female who's looking for a husbun



Avens was an unclaimed stray so his age is unknown but he's guessed at 1-2yrs. He's available to be reserved so get in touch if you have a spayed female looking for a husbun