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Rabbits are social and must always live in neutered pairs/groups. 

Visit the Rabbit Welfare Association for ideas on housing and care:    www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/ahutchisnotenough

Cherry, Tilly, Gumdrop

Cherry is the mum of Tilly & Gumdrop.

They're all spayed and fully vaccinated.

They'll be ready for a home together in a couple of weeks


Jerry is one of Cherry's sons.

He's neutered and fully vaccinated.

Ready for adoption now, get in touch if you have a female rabbit wanting a friend


Bobby is neutered and fully vaccinated.

He's not ready for adoption yet as he's under treatment for potential dental problems

Chibbs - reserved

Chibbs is a 5yr old girl. She's spayed & fully vaccinated


Maisy arrived on 29th Dec.

She's getting spayed on 7th Jan and will have her 2nd vaccination soon


Bessy arrived on 29th Dec, she's on pregnancy watch so not available yet

 Nemo - reserved

Nemo is neutered and fully vaccinated

Carla - reserved

Carla is 6-7 months old.

She was spayed on 31st Dec, she'll be having her second vaccination soon


Peter is 6 months old.

He's getting neutered on 8th Jan

He'll be fully vaccinated before adoption


Ben will be 3yrs old in May

He's neutered and fully vaccinated


Kristoff will be getting neutered on 8th Jan

He'll have his second vaccination before adoption

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