Rabbits are social and must always live in neutered pairs/groups. 

Visit the Rabbit Welfare Association for ideas on housing and care:    www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/ahutchisnotenough

Also view our 'care & adoption' section

Sasha & Cindy

Sasha & Cindy are a pair of girls who have had their vaccinations and spays and are ready for adoption together.

Click here to see a short video of them


Liam is neutered & vaccinated, approx 1.5yrs old

He's had 2 trial bonds so far and neither have worked, he's looking for a home with an experienced bonder who can try him with their spayed female

He's extremely friendly and such a lovely boy. Absolutely loves being stroked


Barrie arrived here extremely overweight and in desperate need of a brush.

He's neutered & vaccinated. He's not a very friendly rabbit with people so far, he lunges for food and grunts a bit! Hasn't bitten though

He's looking for an understanding home where he can bond to a spayed wife-bun


Rolo is a neutered 4yr old boy who's vaccinated

He arrived here with a damp discoloured nose but he's finished his meds now and is all clear so he's now ready for adoption to a home where he can bond to a wife-bun

Cassia, Anise, Caraway, Bergamot, Angelica

These 5 young girls currently live together, they're vaccinated but not spayed yet (will be once vets can fit them in)

We don't yet know who will be for adoption with who so we aren't taking applications for them yet

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