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Rabbits are social and must always live in neutered pairs/groups. 

Visit the Rabbit Welfare Association for ideas on housing and care:

Also view our 'care & adoption' section


Simba was an unclaimed stray/dumped rabbit. He arrived in desperate need of a groom, he is a wooly rabbit and will require regular trimming for his welfare. 
He was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped on 12/8/22

He's now reserved!



Nettle & Alder are a female-male pair of rexes. They were dumped on another rescue along with some other rabbits and we took these 2 in to help them out. Nettle was spayed 26/8/22, vaccinated 16/8/22. Alder was vaccinated 16/8/22 and was neutered 14/10/22.

They're looking for a home together

Holly Barberry.jpg

Holly is a spayed female roughly 6 months old, Barberry is a neutered male 7 months old. Both are vaccinated and microchipped. They're a lovely friendly pair and are ready for adoption together

They're reserved!


Petunia was a stray and is guessed between 1-1.5yrs old. She's spayed, vacc'd & microchipped ready for adoption. She's had 1 potential partner/home so far and she was a bit too bossy for the male rabbit so she's back to find a better match. She was mostly dominant at food times and seemed to be irritated by the male not giving her very much attention! 



Mint was an unclaimed stray, he's guessed at around being born Spring 2022

He had his vaccination & microchip 11/10 & was neutered 9/9.

He's ready for adoption!



Jasmine was dumped along with Juniper and their 2 brothers. Jasmine & Juniper were caught on different days so aren't living together. She was spayed, vaccinated and microchipped 11/10

She's ready for adoption!



Ivy & Dock were rescued from awful living conditions and were extremely underweight. They're doing great here and are gaining weight really well. They're large breed rabbits.

They've had their vaccinations, microchips and neuters and are ready for adoption!


Salem (male, black) & Sabrina (female, white/black) were unclaimed strays, they're guessed at being born near the end of Aug '22. Both have been neutered, vacc'd & microchipped and are ready for adoption together


Jarvis was dumped along with Juniper, Jasmine & Jasper. their 2 brothers. He's neutered, vacc'd & microchipped ready for adoption. He's a bit of a sassy boy and will grunt at me sometimes!


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