Mice are social and should live in pairs/groups. Usually male mice need to be neutered to live harmoniously with others. They're very active and need a good size set-up, filled with toys, tunnels, hammocks. They're usually very interactive too.

Have a look at our 'Mouse housing' section on Pinterest to see some suitable set-ups for mice & enrichment for them

Ricardo & Radish

Ricardo & Radish are a pair of neutered boys looking for a home where they can join more mice

Lupinus' group


Lupinus is a neutered male

Layla & Lulu are adult females, the rest are baby females

*update - Lulu & Lupinus are the only ones still available, looking to join more mice*

Rory's group


Rory is a neutered male, the rest are baby females

*update - Rory, Rey & Rita are the only ones still available, must stay together*

Jeremy's group

Jeremy is a neutered male, Josette is mum of the rest of the girls

* Jenny, Jodie, Jeannie have been adopted*

The remaining mice can either be adopted as a group of 5 or as Jeremy+Josette (to add to other mice) then Jolene+Janey+Juno