Mice are social and should live in pairs/groups. Usually male mice need to be neutered to live harmoniously with others. They're very active and need a good size set-up, filled with toys, tunnels, hammocks. They're usually very interactive too.

Have a look at our 'Mouse housing' section on Pinterest to see some suitable set-ups for mice & enrichment for them

Group 1

Rory is a confident neutered male (born 11/9/20)

Jeremy is a fairly confident neutered male approx 1yr old.
Janey, Juno, Jolene are females born 17/2/21

*Rita & Rey have been adopted*


They can either be adopted as a group of 5 or as a 3 and a 2, the 2 must be adopted to add to more mice as we like mice to live in groups 3+​

Group 2

These neutered boys all currently live together, they can either be adopted as a group or in minimums of pairs (if adding to your existing group) or trios (if you've not got any mice already, because we adopt mice to live in groups 3+)







Marvin & Melvin

These brothers were born in May. They're looking for a home together where they can join more mice