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Syrians and why they're not necessarily the best starter species     Info on Russian dwarf hybrids

Large family of Russian dwarfs

This family was the result of Pets At Home selling someone 2 hamsters of opposite sex. They arrived to us on 2/6/20. They are 8 females (Mum, 3 five month daughters, 4 two month daughters) and 6 males (Dad, 4 five month sons, 1 two month son) The mum was also pregnant with another litter and gave birth on 7/6/20.

These are the photos of who's available at the minute, Anemone & Anthurium are boys approx 6 months. Everyone else are girls, Daffodil & Freesia are 3 months, the rest 6 months

View our hamster care & adoption info here if you're interested in offering any of them a home


Mango is a Chinese hamster and was born 14/9/2019

He's fast and hard to handle but would love a large home with plenty of enrichment

With time he may become more interested in interacting with people but we'd like any potential adopter to not mind if he never ends up wanting to interact

If you're interested in adopting him view our care & adoption hamster section 

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