Chinchillas are social and must always live in pairs/groups. They need as much space as possible, with ledges, tunnels, lots to chew on and lots of free-range time. Have a look at our 'Care & Adoption' section to see some suitable set-ups for chinchillas

Adonis, Yucca, Avens

Adonis is the father of Yucca & Avens (Coral is the mum, Poinsettia is the sister)

Adonis & the 2 boys are ready for adoption together

Hibiscus & Calluna - reserved

Hibiscus & Calluna are ready for adoption together. Calluna is approx 6 months old, Hibiscus' age is unknown

Coral, Poinsettia, Myrtle

Coral arrived living with Adonis so gave birth to Myrtle on 7/11/20, so she will be looking for a home with Poinsettia (the older daughter) and Myrtle too as a trio. They'll be ready for a home together in approx 2 weeks

Asperula & Foxglove

Asperula & Foxglove are ready for adoption together, their ages are unknown

Armeria, Iris, Crocus

Armeria, Iris & Crocus are ready for adoption together.

The ages of Armeria & Iris are unknown, Crocus is Armeria's daughter and is 4 months old

Totoro & Aposeris

Totoro (unknown age) is the dad of Aposeris (4 months)

They're ready for adoption together

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