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Chinchilla housing

srs xl.jpg

Savic Royal Suite XL - ladders and plastic shelves need removing

Chinchillas need large cages that are free from any plastic shelving or accessories. Ideally they'd be best in a suitably built DIY enclosure, info here 


Visit our Pinterest board for more ideas:

pet planet rat ferret.jpg

Pet Planet - ladders need removing

little zoo ventura.jpg

Little Zoo Ventura - ladders need removing

srs 95.jpg

Savic Royal Suite 95 - ladders and plastic shelves need removing

lib explorer.jpg

Liberta Explorer - ladders need removing

cosy pet rc03.JPG

Cosy Pet RC03 - ladders need removing


Chinchillas need a wood or hemp based substrate. Most wood shavings are unsuitable but kiln dried ones like Snowflake Supreme, Pure Flake Extra, Mega Spread and Bedmax/Littlemax are ok. Aspen is also good and hemp based shavings.

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