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Gerbil enrichment

Gerbils love tunnels and underground dens. They shouldn't be given plastic as they'll chew it and there's a risk of them ingesting it. They love things that they can shred and make into nests too, like the seagrass products. Cardboard tubes are a hit too. Also, you can often find big loofah pieces in the beauty sections of places like Wilkos, we cut those into smaller pieces and they're a much cheaper version of what pet shops sell

Examples of great set ups:

pick n fly.jpg

Provide gerbils with foraging opportunities, sell the Pick n Fly pack and the Harvest Festival pack, they also sell various millet sprays. Your local pet supply shop might also sell some of these things, they'll probably be in the bird section. Getzoo has a wide variety of different sprays too

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