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Gerbil health


Common health problems to look out for in gerbils:

- Scent gland tumours (usually in middle aged & old males) Check your gerbils scent glands (the line down their tummy) regularly for any signs of lumps. If they develop a lump book them in with a gerbil-savvy vet for it to be removed asap. Neutered males are less likely to develop scent gland tumours but still check their scent glands regularly anyway

- Respiratory problems, any clicky breathing or sneezing requires a vet visit for antibiotics. Another symptom can be porphyrin (red liquid) gathering around the nose or eyes

- Strokes can occur, look out for any wobbliness, head tilt, struggling to hold food properly

- Dental issues, misaligned or overgrown teeth need burring (not clipping!) by a vet

- Weigh your gerbils regularly so that you notice if they start to lose weight because that can be one of the first signs of some illnesses

mushu scent gland tumour.jpg

Examples of scent gland tumours

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