Gerbil housing

Gerbils should live in tanks with deep substrate for digging. This example is a 3ft glass tank that I made a mesh lid for with a gerbilarium topper attached. The topper is useful for stopping the water bottle, wheel and sand bath from getting buried.

Other good ones are the Falco, Kerry Terrarium and the Ikea Detolf.

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Kerry Terrarium with XL gerbilarium topper

Falco 80 and Falco 100

Kerry Terrarium with hamster cage topper


Paper based beddings and/or hemp/aspen are best for gerbils, Megazorb is great for holding up their tunnels but it smells a bit strange. Fitch mixed with hay is our next favourite to use, then Aubiose or Raviera.

This photo shows a fab burrow that some of our gerbils made with Megazorb bedding

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