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Guinea Pig housing

guinea min size.png

Above image by Kavee Cages


Guineas need a large floor space to be able to express their natural behaviours. Multi-level cages are not suited to guinea pigs! The recommended size of enclosure (from GPAW) is 3.5 square metres for them to have access to 24/7
The absolute minimum that guineas should be housed in is 20sq feet (4 x 4 c&c grid, or 8x2 but 4x4 is preferred so that the area is more open plan)


If their accommodation is outdoors then the mesh needs to be at least 16 gauge to be predator proof, the lower the number the thicker the wire. Chicken wire is not safe!

The flooring of the run section should be slabbed to prevent predators being able to dig underneath. 

Locks on outdoor enclosures need to be bolts, not just swivel latches

Have a look at our Pinterest board for great ideas of guinea pig housing:

Lots of people build their own cages with C&C grids and coroplast (see video)

There are various places online that sell these types of grids

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