Guinea Pig housing

bun ham guinea compare space graphic.JPG

The minimum sized enclosure we home guinea pigs to is 5x5ft. This infographic shows the reason why the generally accepted minimum of 4x2ft that most rescues use is not enough space.

Compared to the minimum housing size for rabbits and hamsters relative to the size of the animal, you can see that if a guinea pig is housed in a 4x2ft cage there's significantly less space for them to move around and express normal behaviours.
A guinea pig housed in a 5x5ft enclosure is a much better amount of space for them relative to their body size. The dotted line within the 5x5ft picture is the relative size of the 4x2ft within it.

5x5ft is a nice space for a pair or small group.

We hope that other rescues will move away from homing to 4x2ft cages and increase to a similar minimum

Have a look at our Pinterest board for great ideas of guinea pig housing:

Lots of people build their own cages with C&C grids and coroplast (see videos)

There are various places online that sell these types of grids