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Guinea Pig housing

These are a good size hutch space for a couple of guinea pigs. Each section is 6ftx2ft.

Like our rabbit set-ups further up the page ideally the guinea pigs' hutch would be attached to a secure, predator proof run for them to come and go as they please. Guineas need to live indoors over winter, or in a well insulated shed.

It is important that they have access to a large area for extra exercise

Guinea pigs need lots of tunnels and houses because they are often nervous animals and they feel more safe and secure if they have places to hide nearby incase they get startled.

Have a look at our Pinterest board for great ideas of guinea pig housing:

Plaza 160

The Plaza 160 is the minimum indoor cage size we home to, or the Little Friends cage which is squarer but almost the same floor space

Little Friends cage (100x100cm)

Lots of people build their own cages with C&C grids and coroplast (see videos)

A 5x2 grid cage would be a nice size for either a pair of trio of guinea pigs. A grid is bigger than a foot.

There are various places online that sell these types of grids

This video is an example of the type of set-up that you can make. The c&c grids go on the outside of the coroplast base

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