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Hamster diet

Main food mix

We recommend that hamsters are fed on a natural mix. Ones we like are :

- Mixerama, we like this Syrian one and this dwarf one

- Bunny Dwarf HamsterDream Expert

- Rodipet, there's quite a few ones and they also have 'junior' versions and 'senior' versions

- Getzoo's ''zwerghamsterfutter'' (dwarfs)   or their ''goldhamsterfutter'' (syrians)

Getzoo is the main one we tend to buy for our hamsters, they do 2.5kg bags which makes the shipping more cost effective

Most pet shop hamster foods (like Harry Hamster, Science Selective, Johnsons etc) are unhealthy and unpalatable, hamsters will usually just eat the seeds and pea flakes then leave a lot of it untouched.


Please read these blog posts by FiveLittleHams about   Species appropriate diets   &    Water bottles vs water bowls


The vast majority of pet shop treats are unhealthy and offer little to no nutrition. These are some examples of healthy treats that are enjoyed by hamsters. Look for items that are real food, like dehydrated veg, seeds, berries etc

Fresh food

The amount of fresh food that a hamster should receive per day should be about the size of their ear. Remember hamster stomachs are tiny so don't give them too much fresh food, their ear is a good size guide for how much to feed.

We like to feed our hamsters peas, carrot, broccoli tops, spinach, kale, apple, banana etc, but the amount they receive should be really tiny! Try to offer them something different each day

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