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Hamster housing

Alaska cage - set up for a Syrian

Alexander cage- set up for dwarf hamsters. Also suitable for Syrians

Hamster Heaven cage

Other suitable cages include the Freddy 2 (Syrians only), Skyline Tilo, Barney cage (see mouse section)

Our favourite set up for hamsters is the Ikea Detolf which is just a glass cabinet that can be laid flat and work as a huge tank, great for having deep bedding. To use a Detolf you have to make your own mesh lid for adequate ventilation

Alaska cage - set up for a Dwarf

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These photos are from @dogshamsters on Instagram. This is the sort of habitat that we believe everyone should aim to create for their hamster. If you're starting out with one of the minimum sized set-ups then please consider potentially upgrading when the opportunity arises. Keep an eye on 2nd hand sites for nice sized tanks or repurpose furniture into a DIY cage. All hamsters deserve to live like this!

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