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Mouse diet

Main food mix

We recommend that mice are fed on a natural mix. Ones we like are :

- sell the ''coloured mouse'' mix from Mixerama

- Erin's Ark mouse mix

- Getzoo's ''farbmausfutter''

- Bunny Nature Mouse Dream Expert

Most pet shop mouse foods are unhealthy with cheap ingredients and fillers. Choose a good quality natural mix for your mice instead

Mice should be given the option of drinking from a water bowl so they can drink freely and in a natural position. This blog is a good read (aimed at hamsters but the same applies)          Water bottles vs water bowls


The vast majority of pet shop treats are unhealthy and offer little to no nutrition. These are some examples of healthy treats that are enjoyed by mice. Look for items that are real food, like dehydrated veg, seeds, berries etc

Fresh food

Mice can enjoy a variety of fresh foods. Remember mouse stomachs are tiny so don't give them too much fresh food, their ear is a good size guide for how much to feed of each type of food

We like to feed our mice peas, carrot, broccoli tops, spinach, kale, apple, banana etc, but the amount they receive should be small! Try to offer them something different each day

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