Rabbit diet

The majority of rabbits diets should be grass/hay and wild plants. Pellets should be viewed as a supplement, not a main food.

We highly recommend that people give their rabbits a variety of safe wild plants. Here are a few places that have great info:

- 'Wild Nutrition & foraging for pet rabbits' facebook group

- 'Foraging for rabbits' book sold by the RWAF

Pellet brands:

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Dried forage

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Our rabbits love having a handful of Readigrass mixed in with their hay.

We buy our bales of Timothy Hay from https://www.timothyhay.co.uk/

We also love the Ings hay from https://www.hay-and-straw.co.uk/

It's also worth finding out if you have a local farm shop that sells bales of good quality hay (usually £6-8 for a big bale), this is much cheaper than buying small bags from pet shops. They'll also likely sell big bales of Readigrass/Graze On

Look for nice greenish sweet-smelling hay

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