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Rabbit housing

Rabbits shouldn't be locked into a hutch. You can attach runs to hutches (or even better a shed or wendy house) so that they can come and go as they please. 


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We recommend a minimum set-up of 60sq feet, as set out by the RWAF.


  • 6ftx2ft hutch attached to an 8x6ft run

  • 10ftx6ft aviary that has a hutch/den inside it

  • 6x4ft shed attached to a 6x6ft run/aviary

Maple Manor XL 6ft double hutch - good sized hutch but must be used with 24/7 access to a large run/aviary

If the main enclosure gets opened up to give them access to a larger area (eg secure garden or fenced area for at least 4 hours a day) then we do allow the main enclosure to be a little smaller than 60sq feet.

The above photo shows a shed + run set-up which is the overnight space, but it opens up into a fenced-in rabbit proof area, providing a huge area for exercise. 

That said, it still wouldn't be ok for them to be locked into anything less than 44sq feet overnight, as shown below:

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The Big Rabbit Hutch < visit this site for lots more info and ideas on rabbit housing!

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