Rabbit housing

We adopt out to a minimum set-up of 60sq feet, as set out by the RWAF.


  • 6ftx2ft hutch attached to an 8x6ft run

  • 10ftx6ft aviary that has a hutch/den inside it

  • 6x4ft shed attached to a 6x6ft run/aviary

The Big Rabbit Hutch < visit this site for lots of info and ideas on rabbit housing!

Rabbits shouldn't be locked into a hutch for any length of time. You can attach runs to hutches (or even better a shed or wendy house) so that they can come and go as they please (flooring must be dig-proof like slabs) 

  • Visit the RWAF's website that covers all aspects of creating suitable rabbit housing here

  • Visit the RSPCA's info on housing here

  • Visit the PDSA's info on housing here


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Free-ranging rabbits should be supervised, foxes do come out in daylight and birds of prey have been known to attack within people's gardens!

Any free range space should be free from harmful plants. Join the 'Wild Nutrition & Foraging for Pet Rabbits UK' facebook group to learn about which plants are safe or visit the RWAF's page here