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Rabbit housing

We follow the RWAF's enclosure recommendation of a footprint of 3mx2m with at least 1m height, this is for them to have access 24/7 and never be locked into anything smaller.

The enclosure must be predator proof (needs at least 16 gauge weld mesh) and dig proof.

  • Visit the RWAF's website that covers all aspects of creating suitable rabbit housing here

  • Visit the RSPCA's info on housing here

  • Visit the PDSA's info on housing here


Visit our Pinterest board for more ideas:

Free-ranging rabbits should be supervised, foxes do come out in daylight and birds of prey have been known to attack within people's gardens!

Any free range space should be free from harmful plants. Join the 'Wild Nutrition & Foraging for Pet Rabbits UK' facebook group to learn about which plants are safe or visit the RWAF's page here


Watch this great video by Wood Green where they show various types of set ups, click here

Wire gauge


Foxes can rip through wire mesh that's thinner than 16 gauge. The gauge is the thickness of the wire, not the size of the gaps! Make sure your enclosure's outer mesh is 16 gauge or thicker (the lower the number the thicker the mesh)

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