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Savic Royal Suite XL

Rat housing

Rats are very active animals and need as much space as possible. They love hammocks & things to climb on but also need to be able to dig. Choose a set-up that's as big as possible


Visit our Pinterest board for ideas:

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srs 95.jpg
mamble 100.jpg
little zoo ventura.jpg
pet planet rat ferret.jpg
lib explorer.jpg

Pet Planet

Little Zoo Venturer

Savic Royal Suite 95

Mamble 100 - 100x54x64 suitable for a small group

Liberta Explorer


Coco Large - 100x70x54cm suitable for a small group

This isn't an exhaustive list, however please note the minimum floor space we adopt out to is 90x60cm/100x54cm (the base of the cage, not including levels). There are many cages on the market that are very tall but have less than 5400sqcm base size, we will not adopt out to these. Height is important to rats but base floor space is too!

If you have a cage that doesn't have a deep base you'll need to either have a large storage box inside it to act as a dig box or to have a perspex base made for the cage


Rats have very sensitive respiratory systems so shouldn't be kept on the majority of woodshavings brands. However kiln dried wood shavings are ok for most rats such as Bedmax, Littlemax, Megaspread, Pure Flake Extra, Snowflake Supreme. Paper based bedding like Fincard is also good, or hemp like Aubiose

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