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Salem & Sabrina


Them as babies on arrival

Sex: Sabrina - female, Salem - male
Age: Born mid 2022

Size: Both small (minus the floof!), lionheads

Neuters: Sabrina - 17/11/22, Salem 11/11/22

Vacs: both 31/10/2023

Reason for arrival: We were alerted that someone had found them in their garden, with no neighbours knowing about them. They were very young and it was halloween that we went to collect them, hence their names!

Temperament with people: Both easily come forward for food but neither want to be stroked. Salem is a bit more confident than Sabrina, she's faster to move away if I reach towards them. Generally for these two I get them to walk into a carrier if I need to take them indoors to trim nails/go vets etc as they're more skittish than average

Grooming needs: They both have long hair, Sabrina has long hair all over whereas Salem is mostly his mane and a skirt. Most rabbits don't enjoy being brushed and these two certainly don't so they're both going to need occasional trimming of their hair which means they can go a long time between grooms (= less stress for them)

Diet: A mix of Hay Box timothy and local meadow hay (not bagged pet shop hay), various wild plants such as plantain, wood avens, young brambles, dandelions, yarrow, apple leaves, strawberry leaves, geraniums, hazel leaves, willow etc. Also enjoy dried mixes of flowers/wild plants/herbs and fresh grass. They occasionally get some cold pressed grain-free pellets during the winter months


Type of home needed: They currently live outdoors but could live indoors. We highly recommend that indoor homes set up a UVB light for rabbits for vitamin D


If you're interested in adopting them head to the Care & Adoption page to read through the rabbit section, the online application is within the Adoption page 

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